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I was contacted back from a post on oodle marketplace that I had inquired on by a lady named Natalie Wilson who had 2 teacup Yorkey Terriers named Kiki and Tina I was doing customer reviews of pet airways and I found a post from about four years ago from a girl that said that she ordered the 2 teacup puppies named Kiki and Tina from Seattle Washington and the puppyswhere the same weight from the post that person had posted the same exact story the same email was sent to this girl from the supposed woman selling these dogs asking if their dog would be taking care of if you would send lots of pictures why you thought you deserved a jog way your exact location wise and you would have to send $350 per puppy to pet it always is a scam do not fall for it!!!!anytime I have ever had a pet shifts I have had them shipped through Delta or American Airways and everything has worked out just fine. Never Western Union money for a pet!

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They arw going by james wilson now


I was about to do this today. Thank goodness i did dot. The sad part is the dog looks identical.


Im also a complaining costomer about two days ago i was asked to give 800$ for a crate but apparently it was a scam we could never seem to talk on the phone but thank god i am getting my money back.


I just got scammed for a husky named ginger. By a *** named stephy Beckett.

People do not fall for it. It was supposed to be an anniversary present from my boyfriend. And now I can't even afford a present. I'm so sad and upset at the moment.

I always see the best in people.

They were telling me to pay more for the crate and I told them no screw it. I only lost 350 but I feel so violated.


They contacted me too breaks my heart that they do that glad i did my research cause i knew something was fishy! They are goin by another name now :(


I found an ad for yorkie pups on the oodle website. After texting them my first question was it says you Washington State in but the # was a phone number from Florida and she said she got promote it and her job she will have to travel a lot.

Then she showed me pictures of the puppies and said they were both available. I said just one. That it would be 280.00 I said ok. As loving as I am I sent the money I wanted the dog.

A day later I get a text saying I need to send money for an air conditioned crate or they won't send the dog. I said ok. Now that was $900.00 they said the puppy would be delivered to me at 7:30 08/07/2015. When the dog failed to arrived I got an email saying I owed 1555.oo for pet insurance.

I said no and then I started to look and found out I have been scammed. EXPRESS PET TRANSPORTATION SERVICE 320-227-3213

to Anonymous #1022357

Wow, I had a funny feeling this woman was a scam and I'm happy I looked her up before I sent any money. This is just so awful. I am going to report them to the police as well.

to Anonymous Glendale, California, United States #1259223

Wish i had she changed her name and is doing the same thing to me now but its too late i gave the money to the supposed owner and this pet airways asked for more

to Anonymous #1032884

Thats terrible.,these people have a creative mind...for bad stuff.,they dot get persecuted as hey should....all these pictures are d ake and the puppies are not even available


Same exact story and names, just a different breed, yorkshires... anywho after much investigation, there are a group of Africans working out of Florida and NC just horrible


I too bought a puppy on oodle. I sent 280.00 for the yorkie.

We fell in love then the shipping co called and said I need to send 600.00 well without checking I did send the money. The next day the dog failed to show. I received another call saying I had to come up with $1500.00 I told them to drop dead. The breeder said his wife is an attorney and her name is Jeanne Davidson in maryland.

A crock of lies.

save your money people.


wow i just reported this lady a week ago something just felt wrong.


I got scam buy the same pics but different names of the person!

to Anonymous #1005614

I nearly fell for the same scam. The lady went by Elizabeth Rice.

I started getting suspicious when she wouldn't let me just pick up the puppy since I was only three hours away. I Google's Kiki and Tina yorkie and up popped all the pictures that this lady sent to me. And I also found all of these posts.

I am so glad I didn't send her money but she has my name, address and phone number. I tried to find a way to report her on oodle.com but there wasn't any way to do so.

to Anonymous #1113820

Well, it would seem that Elizabeth Rice is still in the dog scamming biz. She is posting English Bulldogs (2) for $350ea.

The ad said that she was out of Spokane, WA. After exchanging a few emails she comes up with the location of Delaware. She states in her ad that she is not selling the pups simply re-homing them because she has fallen on hard times. Don't you think that someone in her own state would adopt them?

I didn't send her money. BUYER BEWARE!

to Anonymous #1114019

Received an email from Elizabeth Rice this morning. She wanted $350 for a yorkie.

She said she is on her way to rehab for alcoholism. Her domain for the website was outside the US. It was registered in Mississippi and a Colorado phone number. I passed on the offer.

Whe website was www.amazingpups.com. Buyer beware!


I had a very bad experience with oodle.com I inquired about a puppy that was named, Kiki and I never received the pet. I wanted to surprise my family and I got the very big surprise.

I was scammed from the beginning. Look out for these scams. Do not go on line to purchase a pet for any reason. I am alerting people to people who look out for decent people to scam them.

They will use other pages of businesses to make their scam look right. I was so hurt and felt so violated by the scam. The money was one issue and the feelings another. So I am dealing with it, but I will never trust anyone for the rest of my life and I will raise my kids the same way and alert people as much as I can.

But it sounded to good to be true and I fell for it. Now the best way to get a pet for the family is to walk right into the facility and look at them and pay the adoption fee. Please do not get tempted by the cute puppy faces.

Sometime they use the same names for the pets, you'll find misspelled words in the sentences and the phone conversations are short and with a lot of static. Please be aware!!!!

A concerned person who wants to help others not loose their money to a scam.


The same thing was about to happen to me but her name was Sheyla Beckett, she told me the same story, same pictures, same location, everything was the same, so I decided to look up in the website of petairways and i read about scams and started to check reviews, thanks God i did because i was about to got in that trap.

to Anonymous #1003731

I wish that I had looked up Sheyla Beckett, but I didn't I was so excited to find such a cute pet for my family. I rushed to do the process and unfortunately I did not check the way that I should have.

If it was my husband he would have checked that would have been the end of it, no transaction what so ever. But I didn't and I will never forget the experience of the scam. I just want to advocate for other people out there to be very very careful and not to even consider it at all, its not worth it.

It not worth putting trust in people that one can fall prey to. Watch out for those cute puppies, its a come on.

Concerned person

to ***cerned person #1011358

Same HERE! last weekend..

sheyla Beckett and the recievers name for the money was byrian bola or something like that. I looked into it and they are Africans operating out of Florida and north Carolina smh it's horrible and we lost 350$ but it could have been worse if we didn't catch on!

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